There are nerds in Houston. I am one of them.

Welcome, folks, to Dial H for Houston!

The purpose of this blog is simple (and part of a New Year’s resolution to Write More Stuff). Basically, Dial H for Houston is going to be a place to weigh in on various nerdy things: comics, books, movies, games, and whatever else comes to mind. If nothing else, I’m planning on using it as a repository of book reviews for the stuff I read throughout the course of the year.


Houston’s a little bigger than this nowadays, but this map looked cool and it was on wikipedia.

And on top of all that, I’ll also be posting some more Texas-specific articles, because, well, that’s where I am. There should be ample opportunity in this, as I’ve found I’ve gotten into a wider variety of geeky activities since moving to Houston two years ago. Is there more nerdy stuff to do in Houston than anywhere else in the world? Probably not. However, I dare say the city is particularly suited to support this kind of thing. Not only is Houston the fourth-biggest city in the U.S., but between the oil & gas companies, the universities, and even NASA, there’s bound to be a lot of geekish-minded people coming to town.  Of course, this is just me hypothesizing without doing any in-depth research, so maybe I’ll have to dig up some demographics later.

In any case, stay tuned! There’s all kinds of fun stuff to come.


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