Doomsday Wrestling!


I was never really into pro wrestling (or “rasslin’,” to use the proper term) as a little kid. I imagine a lot of this stems from the fact my family never had cable, so I missed out on the era of Hulk Hogan and company. I went through a brief stint in high school where I was kind of into Smackdown, though (Mankind is the best), where I learned a little bit of the lingo from “smarks” and so on, but wrestling’s still a bit of a geekdom I’m only passingly familiar with. Still, there’s something to be said for big muscley dudes jumping off of things and hitting each other with chairs. Pretty easy to appreciate, y’know?

Easy to appreciate, but ridiculous. And that’s where Doomsday Wrestling comes in.

Doomsday Wrestling has been around for a couple of years now, but I only managed to see it for the first time last night (which is my own damn fault, really). It’s amateur wrestling with a DIY aesthetic and all the subtlety of a Saturday morning cartoon. Doomsday Wrestling embraces the ridiculousness of Professional Wrestling, and turns it up to 11. Each wrestler has their own gimmick- there’s the cowboy wrestler, the butcher wrestler, the tag-team guys who dress up like rabbits, the cat wrestler, the communist Russians, and…whatever Precious Jules is.

Squeegel? Is that you?

One of the best things about a Doomsday Wrestling show is the crowd participation- you’re encouraged to cheer the good guys, boo the bad guys, and otherwise create a ruckus. If I were feeling pretentious, I’d say something about how having clearly delineated heroes and villains is a refreshing change from the vagaries. of modern society, allowing for the appropriate catharsis. But since I don’t feel like citing anything, I’ll just say it’s fun to throw cheesy poofs at the bad guys.

Do Not Eat

They give these things out for throwing! All entertainment is made better when you can throw things at the stage.

While it’s easy to goof on how silly professional wrestling is, Doomsday Wrestling delivers on the rasslin’ aspect too. And while the wrestlers aren’t roided-out hulks, the Doomsday Wrestlers are still really good, really physical performers. Their work is well rehearsed, well performed, and must require a lot of conditioning. (Mr. Cuddles, the cat guy, was particularly acrobatic). The best satire works perfectly as the very thing it’s satire-ing, and Doomsday Wrestling is no exception.

Dickens vs Bano

This was from the first match- Li’l Dickens vs. El Bano. I’m afraid the rest of the pics I snapped came out all blurry due to all the jumping and punching.

In any case, Doomsday Wrestling is definitely worth checking out, should you be in Houston next time they do a show! Unfortunately, I’ve got no idea when or where their next show will be, but I’m gonna be there all the same. My voice will probably have recovered from all the yelling by then.



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  1. glad you enjoyed some wrasslin….if you want to check out some similar stuff, there is a promotion in Pennsylvania called chikara that is very similar…these promotions borrow heavily from traditional Mexican wrestling where gimmicks and more silly stuff is encouraged for fun matches but yelling and screaming and reality kicks in in the serious matches. The line down the center good guys and bad guys is something that american wrestling is kinda steering away from, their new approach seems to be to have some blatantly obvious good guys and bad guys…but then also have some inbetweens where for example, my girlfriend hates wade Barrett currently who is my favorite guy on the roster. She will cheer for anyone facing him, where I will always be on barretts side. This way they still get the fan participation but everyone is selling merch as that guy im booing, might be someone elses favorite.

    I got criticized by my friends when i started openly talking about wrestling and wearing wrestling shirts. My explanation was “you dont criticize people who like watching movies in their spare time do you? what about people who watch MMA and follow it and all the guys? so what is it about putting the two of them together that makes what i like a bad thing?”

    wrestling is awesome and you should go watch more….

    2 final things
    1. that ring they were wrestling in looks so small
    2. if im ever in huston…we are going

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