Been busy lately

So, I’ve been fairly busy over the last week or so, which means I’m not getting the chance to get in as much reading (and thus as many book reviews) as I’d like!

However, I haven’t been entirely idle! As I just did a guest feature for my buddy Jeremy’s blog, A Brew to A Kill. It’s a pretty simple (and awesome) concept- pair up a beer and a movie, watch said movie while drinking said beer, and blog about it. I chime in with a guest feature every now and again- this time around I did New Republic Brewing’s Dammit Jim! paired with Star Trek Into Darkness.

The movie wasn’t as bad as those I’ve brought up in my Unfair Compare reviews before, but, well, that’s a low bar to set. Go check it out anyway, my dozens of loyal blog readers! You won’t regret it.


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