Looking back, looking forward!

Happy New Year, everyone!

So, 2015. We’re a day into it, so here’s to hoping it’ll be better than 2014. One of my resolutions is (as it usually is) to write more. I’ve had fun writing this blog, and I hope you’ve had fun reading it, too. Skimming my archives, it looks like I read 38 books last year, which…strikes me as a low number. Of course, this isn’t counting whatever random comics and graphic novels I picked up. So I suppose I’ve at least got a new goal to read more than I did last year.

Without getting too list-y, I’ll say that the worst book I read (or, well, listened to) was Level 26: Dark Origins. Though it’s worth noting it was at least entertainingly bad, so there’s something to be said for that.

Best book I read all year is a little harder- I think I’ll give it to Hughart’s Bridge of Birds. It’s wonderfully written, not to mention frequently hilarious.

As for 2015, There’s a bunch of cool stuff coming up that I can blab on to you about, not to mention the big stack o’ books I have yet to read. Check it.

Unread Stack

No sooner had I started putting these books away, I found another couple of unread books that didn’t make it into the picture.

I’m open to recommendations on which ones to review first, by the way.

WordPress’ stats tell me that my most popular post of 2014 was the Unfair Compare: TMNT vs TMNT. I guess people really just wanted someone to complain about the new movie without having to see it themselves, and I took that bullet for them.

So, what do you think, my dozens of loyal readers? Should I branch out a little into movie reviews? Cartoons? Anime? Toys? Video Games? Should I focus more on Houston-based nerdery? Are there any topics/books/movies you’re just dying to hear my opinion on?

Or heck, maybe since it’s 2015, I’ll start reviewing robot butlers and jetpacks and all the other cool toys science fiction says we should have by now.


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