A new thing!

So, I’ve started a new project!

A week or so ago, I talked to someone who didn’t know where to start when it came to SF/F books … and, since there just happened to be a whiteboard present, I gave an off the cuff, super-condensed history of “The Genre” complete with a hastily sketched timeline. And … surprisingly enough, they actually found it kind of interesting. I was even told “you should do a panel or something!”

Well, lacking a convention I can make it to anytime soon, I decided to start doing a Youtube thingie instead. And so, equipped with a shitty headset mic and Microsoft Movie Maker, I produced the following intro.


I expect the internet moneys to come flowing in any day now, at which point I’ll be a super nerd celebrity and play D&D with Felicia Day. Hopefully 3.5.

In the meanwhile, stay tuned– my “History of the Genre” series should start up in June.


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