It’s 2021! Now what?

Oh hey guys! I guess I’m still here!

Normally, I’d do a ‘2020 in review’ kind of post, but, uh, I don’t wanna. For fairly obvious reasons. 2020 was a hard year on everybody. I’m lucky in that I was able to weather the worst of it without too much trouble, and, uh, I’ll probably keep weathering it as the new year goes on.

Of course, amidst the vaguely apocalyptic year, I wound up falling behind on my reading, and then falling behind even more on my blog posts. At least I DID get some reading in, though there’s like a half dozen books I didn’t have the chance to review. Sorry about that. But it’s a new year! A new decade! So time to get back into the saddle, right?

The question is … what do YOU want to see?

I have some vague plans already, at least. There are a bunch of new releases that came out over the last quarter of 2020 that I’d like to get to. Axiom’s End sounds really interesting (mostly because I’ve heard it compared to the Transformers), To Sleep in a Sea of Stars has me curious if Paolini has improved as an author, and … I’m probably gonna have to do a hate-read of Ready Player Two at some point, because Ernest Cline is a hack. And that’s not even counting the exciting stuff coming out from Boss Fight Books, or the of books I got for Christmas, or my ever-growing to-read pile, or even reviews of stuff I read back in 2020 but still want to talk about for whatever reason. (Spoiler: the latest Dresden Files novel got issues). And I’ve even got one particularly out-there book that should make for a pretty entertaining blog entry once I finish, y’know, reading it.

And heck, I’ve even acquired a snowball microphone over the break. If I get REALLY ambitious I could start sharing my unsolicited opinions in podcast/youtube channel form! Except “Book Youtube” is apparently already a thing, and this Daniel Greene kid is talking about “the genre” while also being younger and better looking and far better at editing than I am. Harrumph.

But! What do you think, the whole … dozen or so people who are still reading this? What would YOU like to see? More sci-fi? More fantasy? More nonfiction? Would you rather see me ramble on about current releases, or should I look back to more obscure fare dug out of the dollar bin? Do you want to hear my manly and authoritative baritone, or would you rather me just stick to text?

In any case, I hope all of you have a great 2021! If nothing else, it’s gotta be better than 2020, ’cause damn that was a low bar to set.


  1. It's a secret

    You still haven’t done Sabrina and I’m very sad about that. Team dollar bin. You could also share excerpts of your writings. In theory I like the idea of a podcast but I don’t really listen to them so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. BravoLimaPoppa

    Grrr! WordPress authentication ate my comment.
    I’d like to see more SF, but I’ll be happy with more reviews.
    And I’m not into podcasts, so can you please keep it to text?

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