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Book Review: Royal Flash, by George MacDonald Fraser

After reading (and surviving) Ready Player One, I figured I’d go with something ostensibly smarter to cleanse my literary palate, which brings us to George MacDonald Fraser’s Royal Flash. The funny thing is, if you have a couple of beers and squint, the two books are kind of similar. Both of them are littered with …

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Book Review: George MacDonald Fraser’s Flashman at the Charge

Books are kind of like food. Instead of ‘styles’ like Italian or Chinese, you’ve got genres like mystery or romance. And, like food, some books are better for you than others. A lot of the cheap sci-fi paperbacks are more or less the equivalent of greasy fast food– cheap and fun, but probably not something …

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Book Review: Flashman in the Great Game, by George MacDonald Fraser

Technically, I started reading this book in 2014, but I finished it just yesterday, so I’m counting it as the first book I read in 2015. Not like there are really set rules to this kind of thing, anyway. Flashman in the Great Game is a book I’ve read some years before, actually. I stumbled …

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